“I can’t take it anymore physically”

There are many who struggle to leave their beloved characters behind (Julie Newmar’s Catwoman comes to mind), but Campbell gave Ash all he could, especially physically. “The three seasons have been the longest of my life,” he said, referring to “Ash Vs. Evil Dead”. He continues in the interview by saying:

“If you saw the emails pleading with various directors that said, ‘Hey, my knee isn’t working well. “” Pay attention to tomorrow. “Let’s have the stuntman nearby.” “Hey, I can’t run anymore.” It was just an endless physical fight. I’m really glad we did because we saw Ash’s house, we went to his room, we met his girlfriends, we met his daughter who we never knew he had and he never knew he had, and we met his father, played by the great Lee Majors.

“I feel like we really pressed all the buttons and fulfilled his destiny written in that ancient book. He was the guy destined to conquer evil in the past, present and future, and he left with a hot robot at the end to kick off into the future. What else do you need? We knew the grades were bad. We knew, at the start of last season, that we had to shut it down because we didn’t think Starz was going to kick us back and we were okay with it, so thank goodness we did.

It’s hard to say goodbye to the beloved character, but no one needs or should want a downed Ash.

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