The 35 Best Affordable Beauty Gifts of 2021 (They’re All Under $ 100)

Is anyone else too distracted in Zipporah as I do? I run to top up one of my basics and end up spending a whole hour trying out some fun new stuff. I really am a sucker when it comes to all things beauty. But as much as I like it, beauty products are something I rarely buy for myself, which is why receiving them as a gift is always so appreciated. So I unearthed some of the best affordable beauty gifts to make your loved one smile because in my opinion, there is no better gift than a new lip gloss or to blush to boost his confidence the next time they walk in the door.

It’s safe to say makeup trends to TIC Tac have contributed to my beauty obsession this year, and unsurprisingly my wishlist has reached record lengths. So, I’ve narrowed them down to 35 humble beauty gifts under $ 100 that I’m going to give (and cross my fingers that I get) this year. I’ve also broken them down into easy sections – under $ 25, under $ 50, under $ 75, and under $ 100 – so you can find something for everyone on your list this year within budget. (even your secret Santa!). Whether you pack it for someone special or buy it for yourself (you deserve it), good luck in controlling yourself with this list.

Beauty gifts under $ 25

Beauty gifts under $ 50

Beauty gifts under $ 75

Beauty gifts under $ 100

What beauty gifts are you giving this year? Comment on your favorites below.

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